Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts

At dawn, when the sun was doing its regular lazy routine of raising slowly above us, the first ray of sunshine was born. Being the first ray of sunshine is not easy let me tell you, because like any other thing that is first of a kind, it has no one to follow, no examples and no one to guide it. But our first ray of sunshine knew exactly what she was doing; she was flying in the speed of light towards earth. With no hesitation she broken through Ben’s window and hit him right in the eyes. Ben had to go through this every morning. Every morning a new ray of sunshine would wake him up and every morning he would get up, pull down the window blinds and try to fall asleep again. But not today, because today Ben had enough, this time he wasn’t going to let the sun get away with it. If you wonder why Ben is so mad, you should know that yesterday his girlfriend dumped him, and not in a nice way like most of his ex-girlfriends. She did it over the phone. She told him that he is a sad pathetic slob and a poor excuse of a boyfriend and hung up before he had a chance to answer. All of that happened because few days ago they went to see a movie together and Ben fell asleep in the middle, and slept through the entire thing. He did it often when they were going out, because the ray of sunshine would wake him up too early every morning. You can see now why poor Ben is so mad at the sun. In his mind it was clear as day, that the only one to blame for all of this is no other than the sun itself.

He got up, kicked the ray of sunshine right in her pretty little face, and set down next to his computer, just like that, without getting out of his pajamas or at least brushing his teeth. He just turned on his computer and went right to the best site in knew to get the job done – a site for starting petitions. He made one of his own, a petition against the sun. Ben was good at making fuss on the internet, and it took him only few days to make the government acknowledge his petition. He already had five-trillion-billion signs and the sun’s fate was sealed. Ben was so angry that he didn’t even remember why he did it in the first place, but when the president invited him to come watch as astronauts cover the sun with a huge piece of cloth, he was delighted.

In the evening, when everyone left and the sun was entirely covered, Ben walked home. He realized that he forgot entirely about his girlfriend in midst of all the chaos around the sun’s fate. Only now, when he was finally alone, he really started to miss her, but there was nothing he could do, not now, not ever, because she hated him, just like he hated the sun. But it’s okay now guys, you don’t have to feel sad, because Ben doesn’t. It’s been years since the break up and Ben is a different person now. He has a new girlfriend and he is even happier than before, maybe it’s just him reassuring himself, but if he really feels happier then it must be so.

At dawn, when the sun was doing its regular lazy routine of raising slowly above us, the first ray of sunshine was born. But she couldn’t move at all, she was trapped under the huge piece of cloth left there by Ben’s accomplices. Because of that, the ray of sunshine could not wake Ben up, and he slept peacefully for the entire morning. At noon his girlfriend called him, he overslept, he had to pick her up from the airport be he didn’t. It wasn’t the first time, Ben always forget about her, and she had enough. She dumped him over the phone and hung up before Ben had a chance to say anything. He got up, opened the window and looked up at the sky. Floating high above him was the covered sun. He stared at it for few moments, stupefied, and he knew, knew that there is no one left to hate now, no one but himself.

Peter’s ball

My mom is always busy, and I barely ever see her, but today she takes me with her to a place with a lot of important people. I promised that I would be quiet and wouldn’t bother anyone. She takes me with her when there is no one who can stay with me at home. You see, I am only six years old and can’t stay home alone. Well to tell you the truth, I can, but I want to be with my mom, and if I tell her that I’m big enough now, then she would just leave me here alone, and never take me to places anymore. Anyway we left home and went to that place. It was filled with people running around or talking to reporters. Most of them had name tags and my mom said that they are all very smart and that they have invented millions of things that everyone loves. There was this one guy in a black suit that was just walking around with his girlfriend, and he just wouldn’t let go of her hand, like she was a kite that would fly away if he lets go. I couldn’t see how this guy could ever invent anything good.

My mom is a reporter – she writes things for the newspaper. Today there is an astronaut here, he came back from space and brought here to tell everyone how fun it was. You guys should have seen him; he came wearing his spacesuit, like anyone would ever believe that he just came back from space, such a fool. We all sat down and he started speaking, he talked about space and how fun it was to eat floating food, and I was starting to get really bored. I spaced out for a while, until I heard him talk about a soccer ball that he saw floating in space, he saw it with his own eyes, right outside his spaceship. When he said it, I immediately thought of my friend Peter. Peter is my friend from kinder-garden, we play together all the time, and if anyone can kick a ball to space then it’s Peter. You just have to see how high he can kick; it takes like ten seconds for balls to fall back on the ground when he kicks them. An old man that my mom said was an engineer started yelling at the space-guy. He said that it is impossible to send a ball to outer-space, and that it would take a huge amount of power just to try. Another man who was a scientist also started arguing and said that even with enough power the ball would explode before it could reach the atmosphere. I was getting pretty angry and wanted to scream at them too, but I promised my mom that I would be quiet.

I am a big boy now, and my mom doesn’t take me to places anymore, because it’s okay to leave me alone at home. We moved to a new house years ago, and I haven’t seen Peter for a really long time. But still, when my mom leaves me alone and goes to a place with a lot of important people, I look out to the sky, and wish that the ball would fall back already, and I will take it back to peter, and we will laugh at the stupid engineers and scientists that thought that peter couldn’t kick a ball out to space.


First Days of University

Yesterday I started my first day of the second grade with a lot of new kids that I have never met. I cried a little and my mom stayed for a while. She left few minutes later while I wasn’t looking, and I was scared she would never come back. The teacher told me that I’m a big boy now and I don’t need my mother anymore, but she is just a stupid teacher and doesn’t know anything about me. She told me to sit next to a girl that had a beauty mark right in the middle of her nose, and I did it. I tried not to look at her, because then she would know that I think she is pretty; it was really hard, because I really wanted to look. I was convinced that if she would notice me looking at her she would think that I love her, and I really did love her. I loved her voice without ever hearing it, I loved her name before even knowing it, I loved her smell even though she had no particular smell, but that’s how things are when you are in love, you don’t need to know things to fall in love, and anyone who says otherwise never really was in love.

I know it’s a little bit weird and you would probably say “What a seven year old can really know about love?” And I would tell you that I know just as much as you, because I feel it from the day I was born, just like you. I love ice cream just like you, I love going to the beach just like you, I love my mother even though she doesn’t believe I do, I love jumping in puddles and climbing trees, and most of all, most of all I love the girl with the beauty mark in the middle of her nose. I don’t know why, I’m not smart enough to figure it out, but it doesn’t matter because I already decided and nothing can change my mind, not even her.

It’s so weird how such a good thing like love, that everyone seeks and wants, can make me suffer so much. It’s been few days now, and I got to know the girl with the beauty mark a little better. I keep thinking about her all day even though it makes me feel bad. It makes me feel bad because I don’t think she cares about me, I don’t think she cares about anyone. You see, she treats me like any other human-being would treat an ant – with complete indifference. I would love to act like this, I have no idea how she manages to do that, it drives me crazy. If she needs something then she just says it, if she wants to ask a question, then she just asks without even thinking, if she wants to leave then she just leaves without saying goodbye to anyone. I want to ask her so many questions. I want to know what goes through her mind, but most of all I want to know what she thinks about me, and maybe one day, one bright and sunny day, I would stop fantasizing about mind reading powers, and just ask her “tell me girl with a beauty mark right in the middle of the nose what do you think of someone like me?”

She Will Heal Our Scars

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes, she probably had them for like five years. And it’s not like these are her only shoes, she has plenty more, even too much if you ask me, yet she keeps coming to class with these old torn shoes.

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes, and our eyes met when she came to sit next to me. As soon as she looked at me I lowered my eyes, and then I saw them, down there on the floor, I saw her shoes. I looked up at her with a confused expression on my face, but she did not understand what was wrong. I wanted to talk to her, to ask her, but I am a coward. The thing is she didn’t really look like she cares, she liked her shoes, and my opinion didn’t even bother her.

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes, put one leg over the other and started swinging one of her feet, as if she was trying to taunt me. While her foot moved back and forth I noticed the sole of her shoe, it was so clean and new, which didn’t make any sense to me, because the shoes seemed to be very old. I concluded that she must have sewed new soles to these shoes. Imagining it was the best part. Try imagining someone sewing, it’s probably the most boring thing on earth, but really guys, even if I tried to, I would never be able to imagine a more beautiful sight. How she sits there in her room with her long brown hair resting on her shoulders while she holds with her tiny little hands these old and dying shoes, trying her best to bring them back to life. Really guys, that’s the furthest my imagination can go.

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes, and the thought that one day she might throw them away made me miserable. I just met her, I don’t know her name, I never heard her voice, I don’t know what she’s like, but I love her, I love her more than I have ever loved anyone, I love her more than I can stand.

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes. They were old and worn out, they were red with black dots all over, they had no laces and a tiny little hole just above her toe, which made it visible. They had green soles and were made out of some cheap cloth, real regular looking. She didn’t wear socks and I could see her toe. Sometimes she takes them off in the middle of a lecture and she doesn’t even care. They are a little bit dirty but it’s okay because she doesn’t care at all. On Tuesday she tried to talk to me, but I ran away.

On Tuesday she came to class with torn shoes.

On Tuesday I found the one that I love.